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For the glue to paste broken human bones …? In the last phase of the revolution that creates revolution in the scientific world


The glue is one of the ingredients we use to make plastic, glass, and anything else. If that cow used to paste the broken bone in the human body? It is true that i am awesome. The surgery is also commonly used to replace the broken bone. The experiment to change from them is in the final stages.

With the admission of adolescents no doubt, the science of the world will become a discovery of revolution. In the near future, science has shown that it can be done. The masterminds are experts in the Royal Institute of Technology and Carolina Medical University, Stockholm, Sweden. The adhesive is used in three stages.

Primer, like a primer, is first put on the bones. The fibers are then grafted in the injured part. The final layer will be placed on top and the LED will dry the glue. This is similar to the use of adhesives in dental treatment. Experts point out that this is harder in water and oxygen. It has been tested in mice and has succeeded. It is believed that the placenta will last for months to get the bones in the mouth.


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