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After 12 years, the Valayar dam was filled with heavy rain


Valayar Dam was filled with heavy rains. The Vaaliyar dam is filled for the first time after twelve years. Valaiyar Dam was not filled in the monsoons and the monsoons in the first month of June and early June. Valayar, which is in the state due to good monsoon rains in Tamil Nadu has been filled with the last day.

The valley dam is about 68 feet deep and it is filled with sand. Chittoor Irrigation Department officials informed that the storage capacity of the rest of the dam is in the water supply. Since a portion of the Walliyar dam is in Pollachi taluk, it is said that the sand was to be removed by the permission of Tamil Nadu Revenue department officials to remove sand.

As the dam is enough to fill the dam at 5.5 m, it is possible to open the dam at any moment. With the heavy rains, water supply has skyrocketed throughout the dams. Though the dams are filling in the normal Karkala month, this monsoon has resulted in summer rains and monsoon rains. The dam in the dam was 115.5 m and 109.5 feet respectively.

Similarly, the dam’s shutters are partly dissolving due to the water pump at 77.10 meter at Mangalam dam with 77.10 ft of storage. Attapady Shiruvani dam is also open for any moment and the alert has been alerted to those living in the coastal areas. Years later, the district receives better rainfall in the months of June and July and the water supply in the dams rises.

If rainfall is getting higher, it is a matter of concern to increase the storage capacity of the dam. Though other dams are full or partially full, the Valayar Dam is 12 years later and has been given much hope.


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