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Punishment of girls: The offense brought under the purview of the Pox Act; The Supreme Court of India can make any external interference in the body of the individual


The Supreme Court verdict that the change in the gender of the girls is a criminal offense under the POTO Act. The bench headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Sunita Tiwari, however, sought consideration to ban on women’s genitals in the Dawoodi Bohra community.

Abhishek Singhvi, who appeared for the opposing parties, argued that there was no way to change the genitals. It is only one of the two Islamic groups. 95% of women respond to this. Singhvi has argued that the issue of religious freedom and equity issues is applicable. However, Attorney General (AG) KK Venugopal said that the constitutional provisions of religious freedom (25, 26) are subject to public order and morality. Modifying the genital modalities should be stopped. AG has said that it has been banned in the US, UK, France and 27 African countries.

The court said that the modification of the girl’s genitals will be covered under Section 3 (B) of the POTO Act. The court said it would be mandatory for a person to be forced to do so without any interest. The court said, “Why do people have an external stake in a person’s body? However, Singhvi pointed out that men have a shaky skin. Indira Jai ​​Singh, appearing for the conviction of the conviction of the genitals, was not guilty under the Pox Ordinance as well as the Indian Penal Code. The case will be considered again later this month.


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