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Infection of infants released from the Thai cave


Some of the children out of the cave in Thai province have reported an infection. Two of the four children who survived early in the test have a small infection in the test, the doctors in the hospital said. Another child has been taken to a fever. Dr. Tea from the Ministry of Public Health, that children receive antibiotic drugs and tetanus and rabies vaccinations. Jessa Chokadamonarsak said a child’s ankle is injured. The second child is 12 to 14 years old. Some of them lacked body temperature. A drain of nerve was also detected. However, no other symptoms have been confirmed. Children have been diagnosed with blood, lung x-rays, eyes, and moods. Suns are given to sunscreen to avoid complications in sun-rays when they are in darkness. Likewise the child’s diet changed too. Bread and chocolates have been provided by the children without food for health recovery. In addition, parents were able to see children outside the glass door and talk to them on the phone.

The incident took place on Sunday evening after four children were trapped in the cave and 13 children, including children and football coach. On Monday, four sisters drowned with dizziness. The cave has five children including four children and a football coach. Yesterday’s temporarily suspended rescue mission will resume today.


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