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Waiting for Aizawl, the grandeur of the new century and the awesome of the new moon; Big business servant and security personnel are waiting for a BJP leader who loves simple life; Even the food reaches the drawing room after accurate tests; The state of Kerala will be the governor of Mizoram with a staggering 3 lakhs a month


Presidential order of appointment of Kumaranam Rajasekharan as the Governor of Mizoram was passed yesterday night. Kummanam himself is the person who is the leader in the simple life of BJP leaders. Kummana, who has taken over the position since 28th of this month, is waiting to be a huge blow to the caretaker and the security personnel. Kummanam will be in the new capital of Mizoram’s capital Aizawl. The party activists also said that the state does not even complain about the facilities available to him but it is acceptable to him.

Many have commented that the head of the premises, including many struggles, is ordinary people. Even those who are politically opposed, even admit it secretly. His and the party activists, is often said that the biggest security kum’manatte waiting for, but a huge security sannahamayirikkum.vakkam 23 th Governor of Mizoram is the second Indian Hindu movements and struggles natunayakatvam sthanamerretukkunnat.nilaykkal to Aranmula, during and after Purushothaman software Bharanatalattilekk on the square Kummanam active ninnumbeal it’s demise in history,

Personal staff and caretakers

The designated staff of the designated staff will have 10 employees, including IAS officers. It will be the same for security personnel and caregivers. Raising the headquarters as the state governor is waiting for Kummanam. With the governor’s all-time time, an IPS officer will have to look into the safety issues. Freedom to employ people who like to have a personal staff. The food provided to the governor will also be checked at the right time. The monthly salary will be 3.5 lakhs.

Kummanam is now going to Raj Raj

The office of the governor is located in Aizawl, Mizoram’s capital. Kummanam Rajasekharan will be in the high security zone as the state legislature and the secretariat is located here. Nirbhaya Sharma, now Governor Nirmal Sharma, will take a seat in this position.

Raj Bhavan, centuries old and beautiful in beauty

It was constructed in 1898 to live in the Luzhahi Hills district of the city. The construction of this Raj Bhavan was designed by Jha Sheka Spir’s wife. But the construction of the building is complete when they leave for England. But since 1899, this Raja has done a lot of changes. The Governor’s bungalow is also a spectacular sight to the many tourist destinations of Aizawl town.

The present Raj Bhawan Complex is 22,072 square meters. The total area is 5000 square foot buildings. M A large circular lawn, flowers and roses are full of flowers and season flowers. All major activities and parties are held on this grassland. Some trees around the grasslands and offices are from Raj Bhavan. There is a chain of a garden, a garden of other gardens and a rose garden. He was kept in a guided air craft camp used during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. The Rajbhawan complex has two main entrances – Gate Namber 1 is in the south-west side (now used only for VIP access), Gate Namber 2 is in the northern side. There are two historical sources established in 1979, when you enter Gate.


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