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Congress-BJP scabble over 9,746 voters found in Bangalore flat


In the dramatic twist of the events, only in the corner with the Karnataka elections, the Election Commission revealed 9,746 voters’ ID cards, five laptops and a printer from the Jalahalli area in Bangalore.

The Congress alleged that the owner of the apartment (flat 115) was former BJP corporator Manjula Nanjumuri.

This is Congress conspiracy: Javedkar

EC Union Minister Prakash Javadekar called for a detailed ivititgeation immediately after a press conference on the seizure of voter IDs.

He said the Congress was a conspiracy before the election.

Congress philosophy that if the true voters did not vote for you, create a fake voter. What happened yesterday was only the tip of the ice.
Javedkar reiterated the party’s demand for a protest in the RRNagar polls on the scandal.

The BJP is exploiting machine tools: Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said the BJP is “misusing government machinery”.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s constituency is continuously in the surveillance of the BJP government. I was the 12th time to fight for elections but these attacks were being conducted for the first time in the election. They are exploiting government machinery.
Conquer EC Printers

On May 9, Election Commission officials seized printers recovered from flat 115 at the SLV Park View apartment in Jalahalli area.

JD (S): Both the Congress and the BJP are using vicious meaning in the polls

Meanwhile, JD (S), EC appealed, “There is no match for open and fair elections.”

Danish Ali, JD (S) We appeal that we should not have any compromise on EC free and fair elections. This is a serious matter. All the unethical methods are adopted by the national parties.
The BJP has urged the opposition to contest elections in Raja Rajeshwari

The BJP, which had fielded the Congress as “pressure-makers to file false names” in other elections. In addition, the party insisted that the elections in the Raja Rajeshwari city of BJP be considered as “rigging” by the Congress.

On the other hand, the opposition Bharat Janata Party (BJP) urged the Election Committee to protest the 12 May Assembly polls, a conspiracy by the Congress-led government to elect the election.

“The BJP is demanding the election of Rajarajeshwari to publish tens of thousands of fake voters and empty packets of empty currency, which is a conspiracy by the Congress,” said Union Human Resource Development Minister and Prakash Javadekar Party’s supervisor in the party’s election.

The apartment where the voter IDs were found belonged to the former BJP leader: Congress

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala accused BJP leader Manjula Nanjammur of finding voter posts.

Ranip Surjewala, spokesperson, Congressman Manjula Nanjumuri? He is a BJP leader and a former corporator. To whom did he rent this house? Rakesh, son of Manjula. He lost the corporation elections in the BJP ticket in 2015 to the Congress.
The BJP has questioned how the BJP specifically states that it has no relationship with the 9,746 voters ID, especially from the former BJP corporator’s apartment.

Randeep Surjewala, spokesperson, Congress BJP is focused on leveling charges. If the Congress has anything to recover from these 9,746 voters’ ID cards, the BJP is making a midnight play.
9,746 voters IDs, printer retrieved from Bangalore flat

A few days before the Karnataka election, the Election Commission has detected 9,746 voters’ ID cards from the Jalahalli area in Bangalore.

On primary examination, Kumar said that voter cards were found to be genuine and check counterfoils through the investigation. There are five laptops and a printer in the apartment.

Karnataka Election Commissioner Sanjeev Kumar has been registered and will be investigated further. The Election Commission is closely monitoring the situation. Proper action will be taken.
“There were two large steel sticks with counterfoil strips similar to the acceptance comparisons of Form 6 used to add names in the electoral rolls, which have a printed number of photographs and magenta color, which is not printed from Form 6 officially available,” he said.

Kumar said that three viewers were visiting the flat in a field field survey with 4,35,439 voters.

District Election Officer and City Council Commissioner M. The police commissioner of the city T. Thakur, along with Maheshwar Rao, Sunil Kumar visited the spot where he found voter cards.


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