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Kerala won the championship trophy for the sixth time in the Santosh Trophy crown. In the end of the war, Kerala has been waiting for 14 years to woo Bengal. Kerala won the penalty shootout for 4-2. Defeated and deftly, the two teams played at the same time and both teams at the same time. This time, Kerala has returned to the tournament twice in the final match with the Bengal team. All four attempts were placed inside the box and they were bolstered by them. In the first two attempts of Bengal he was the hero of Kerala in the V. Mithun Shootout.

In the first half, MSG scored the wicket for Kerala and Vibin Thomas also scored. In the second half, skipper Jitin Murmum took a long time to finish the game and the Tirthankar government hit the goal for a moment.

Bengal’s Ankit Mukherjee wasted first attempt at the shootout. Kerala has four penalties without losing a chance. The vice captain came to the fourth penalty for the fourth season. West Bengal moved the goalkeeper Gnani Majumdar with three penalty points. Bangal’s captain Jitin Murmu failed to break the vice-captain of Kerala. Season’s penalty flashed into history. Captain Rahul V Raj, G Jitin and Justin George also took their wickets to the target. Bengal’s Tirthankar government and Sanjay Samdar scored goal.

They won the match in their last match in Guwahati in 1989 and Cuttack in 1994 in the final match against Bengal in the final. In 2004 Punjab was the last to win the title. In the 2013 edition held in Ernakulam in the final, the service was then defeated in the shootout. The success of the young team led by Sathevan Balan replied to the


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