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Certificate does not have diploma; Many nurses in Saudi have been forced to quit their job


Many nurses have been forced to quit their job after being denied diploma in certificates of the nursing sector. Only those who hold Diploma Certificate renew their work permit. The same diploma without nurses will need to return home without renewing a work permit. One of the nurses in Saudi is waiting for a complaint to the Indian authorities to resolve this.

The Ministry of Health has said that the decision to renew the work permit should be diploma in certificates if the general nursing and midwifery course is passed.

This course is not mentioned in the Certificate of Passport before 2005. This is a worry for nurses. Recruiting is a certificate obtained from the respective State Nursing and Midwives Council in India. The nurses were working here for a long time as a licensed license. However, the Ministry of Health has changed the law. Diploma recorder’s work permit may not be renewed. With this, many of these nurses will have to leave their jobs and return home. The nurses have lodged a complaint with Indian authorities asking for immediate intervention in the matter. Sushma Swaraj has also been addressed.
Sushma Swaraj has written to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to provide a new certificate of diploma as in the certificate issued by 2005 after the current certificates should be made in relation to the nursing council.

It is also a threat to nurses in the private healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia. Expat organizations have also demanded immediate action to address this crisis. The Jeddah Navodaya Cultural Platform has urged the Indian Nursing Association, the Chief Minister and the Health Minister, and the Indian Consul General, Rahman, to file immediate action on the matter.


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