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Good news!!!Moon to get its first 4G mobile network thanks to Vodafone, Audi and Nokia


While you are busy finding out whether your mobile network offers you free roaming services or not, our very own nearest celestial body in the space is the Moon is getting mobile data network for the first time. The network will make it possible to stream videos on the surface of Moon.Nokia, German carrier Vodafone and the automaker Audi, according to a Reuters report. The project was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​and the target launch for the network hardware to make it work 2019, with SpaceX making the headlines for all the good reasons, which will be acting as a launch provider for this project.The Moon While a big part of our world still struggles to connect to the rest of the world, the efforts to make data network available things look quite exciting. Elon Musk’s dream to launch humans into space and house them on Mars by 2030 may not be a dream very close to realization but in that case, people will not struggle with their internet speed. Vodafone The project will deploy 4G connectivity and not the next generation 5G standard currently in the early stages of its global rollout. The project is also said to have relatively older hardware technology instead of the latest available. The reason behind the creators opting for older technology is explained by the degree of reliability it has to offer compared to the new technology that may not be able to cope with the rigorous terrain, Moon’s surface has to offer.


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