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Why is Yadindra son of Siddaramaiah’s son in Chamundeshwari constituency?


Dr.Yindra Pakka, the son of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, has become a politician?Yatindra has been working for the development of the Varuna Legislative Assembly in Mysore, home visits and various development workshops for the past few years.Dr Varun, the housing awareness committee president and youth congress leader, His activity is being understood that S. Adindra has now become a politician.He was always in Varanasi, and now he is looking at his father Siddaramaiah contesting from the Chamundeshwari constituency. CM Siddaramaiah under pressure is a difficult task to walk in the Chamundeshwari region. It is well known that GT Deve Gowda, the present MLA, is a strong contender candidate. So where is the strategy and cunning to do everything!Functionality in Chamundeshwari
It is not Since Varuna is an apt field, there is no program, including land worship. But now he is going to take a step forward and go for worship in the Chamundeshwari constituency where his father Siddaramaiah will contest. BJP-JDS
Attempts to draw BJP and JDS members
But yet, untiring Yatinda Siddaramaiah continued his campaign in the Chamundeshwari constituency and has now been involved in the party and is in the process of attracting the BJP and the JD (S) activists of that constituency.People are coming to Congress!
Congress JDS and BJP have joined hands with Yatra Siddaramaiah to contest the Chamundeshwari Vidhan Sabha constituency and some of the Congress leaders, including JDS and the BJP, have been heated by the BJP. What is the result?
The result is that God knows!
Now the former Chairman of the Chikanya village, Kemanganappa, Gangadhar, and the Congress have come to power. In the future, it is God who knows how it affects Congress and other parties!


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