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27-yr-old mentally ill Kerala man tied, thrashed while locals click selfies


In a shocking and bizzare incident, people at a village in Palakkad district in Kerala clicked selfies with a 27-year-old man they had tied and beat up, allegedly after he was caught shop-lifting.The man died while being rushed to a hospital by the police.The man, who lived in the forests near the village, was believed to be mentally unstable and according to police he used to steal from local shops to survive.On Thursday, some locals allegedly tracked him down, tied him up and tortured him for hours. Some took selfies during the mob attack.The police was called in at around afternoon and when the man was being taken away by the police, he vomited and collapsed.By the time he was taken to hospital around evening, he was dead.According to reports quoting police sources, a case of unnatural death has been registered for now. No one has been named even though they have been identified.”Once a post-mortem report establishes how he died, we will take further action,” a police officer told NDTV. The Thursday’s incident is the third mob attack reported in Kerala in the past few weeks.Earlier in February, a transgender was harassed and stripped by a mob in Thiruvananthapuram. In January, a mentally unstable woman was beaten and tortured by three women in front of a crowd in Pallipuram. Her feet were burnt with an iron ladle. When a mobile video of the assault was circulated on social media, the police filed a case against the women.


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