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The convict who was raped and raped on a pregnant woman was sentenced to death


An additional district court in Kundapur today sentenced the death sentence to Pragant Mogaveera, who was allegedly raped by a murderer. The district court judge Prakash Khander has sentenced the victim to 10 years, 10 for theft, 4 for abduction, 1 year for illegal entry into the house and the accused in fetus and feticide case.Hundreds of people gathered in front of the court following a significant verdict today. The precautionary measure was widespread police arrests. On February 14, Additional District Judge of Kundapur, Prasanth Mogaveera, was accused of raping Padugopadi’s pregnant rape and rape case.Indira, a seven-month pregnant woman, was raped and raped on April 11, 2015 at Padukogadi beach near Gopadi village near Koteshwar. Indira was at home with a little baby. Prashant made his way into the house where the water was heard. She stoned her head and killed the jewels on her head.


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