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Modi’s ‘commission’ jibe irks Siddaramaiah, attacks PM over Nirav Modi


Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday continued his tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that he was ‘unfit to continue’ as the prime minister.Talking to reporters, the Karnataka CM said that PM Modi is not speaking like a prime minister. ‘There are are so many issues concerning the state and the country but he has not opened his mouth. He is making politically motivated and irresponsible statements. He is unfit to continue as PM,’Siddaramaiah said.Taking to Twitter, the Karnataka Chief Minister further accused the PM Modi of making common men stand in queues during demonetisation while Nirav Modi is on the run with country’s money.’Dear PM Narendra Modi, since you are fond of talking about commission let me ask you- You made common people stand in queues to deposit their money in the Banks & then let #NiravModi run away with over 12,000 cr of people’s money. What percent of people’s money is that?’ he asked.Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lashed out at Karnataka’s Siddaramaiah government over corruption, saying new scams and charges of graft were surfacing ‘every day’ under its watch.Addressing a BJP rally, Modi said after he levelled the ’10 per cent commission’ charge against the Siddaramaiah dispensation recently, he received many calls, with people disputing his information about the cut it received, and claiming it was much more.In a stinging attack on the Siddaramaiah government at a public rally in Karnataka on February 4, Modi had accused it of setting new records in corruption and said the countdown for its exit had begun.In reply, Siddaramaiah had said Modi ‘is morally not right to be the Prime Minister of the country’. His comment came a day after PM Modi vowed to wipe Congress out of Karnataka at a rally in Bengaluru. He had further targeted BJP president Amit Shah, saying he is ‘involved in murder case’ and attacked former Karnataka CM and BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa for being arrested in the past.A head of Karnataka Assembly elections, BJP and Congress have been fighting over several issues, both claiming to champion the cause of the people of Karnataka.


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