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Kerala A five-day bus strike ends


A private bus strike has been withdrawn over the past five days. Private bus makers announced this decision after talks with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan this morning.Males have continued to strike a rising cost of travel to the students despite rising fares. Transport Minister AK Shashindran had been negotiating with the bus owners twice but failed. The chief minister has met with bus owners this morning and resolved the issue.The strike has not been raised at the discount rate of students, but the strike has been withdrawn in the backdrop of the Chief Minister’s promise to take action on these days.The government has taken action against private buses that have been hit for the past five days. The notice issued by Monday, which warned of a permanent abolition of buses, seized on buses. There was also a dispute over the strike between the bus owners’ unions. Many bus owners came forward to drive the buses.
Meanwhile, the villagers have decided to withdraw the strike without negotiating with the Chief Minister in the morning, and the buses have begun to get off the road.


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