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“Congress rowdy (video) wanted to fire in BBMP office


Congress leader and water body member Kalakeri Narayanaswamy, who has been identified as a close associate of MLA Harris’s son, has threatened to fire the BBMP office and threaten to fire petrol on the authorities and files. The BBMP officials said that the outskirts of the Narayanaswamy KR Puram area, a supporter of legislator Bhairathi Basavaraj, have been accused of making an illegal account in a land deal.However, Chanalarayappa, an Assistant Commissioner, who was a diligent officer in the KR Puram area, had stated that he would not be accountable for any reason. Narayanaswamy’s outburst against Arun’s office was a viral threat that threatened to fire fire to the whole office if he did not do the job of ARO Chingalayappa and the petrol on the files in the office. The behavior of Kalkare Narayanaswamy, former president of KR Puram Block Congress, has led to widespread outrage in the public sector.The demand for action against those who mocked: BBMP opposition leader Padmanabha Reddy, who has strongly condemned Narayanasamy’s behavior, said that Narayanaswamy had to take action against the forces behind him. Narayanaswamy acted like that of the MLAs. Such behavior was only in the past system of poultry. He said the Congress government had come into existence in the state and again implemented the policy.This case is alive and testified to why the Chief Ministers have taken power over the alternate route even though there is no numerical power to govern in BBMP. The people of the country will never tolerate such behavior. Narayanaswamy, who immediately showed arrogance, urged him to arrest him and take action against those who are kidding him.

Three Day Deadline:

Narayanaswamy should be arrested within three days of the BBMP officers and employees’ welfare club, who expressed his displeasure over the conduct of Narayanaswamy. If not, the KRPuram’s office will be closed. Addressing the gathering, Amritraj, the president of the Sangh, filed a case against Narayanaswamy in connection with the murder of his employer and arrested him within three days. If not, the KR Puram office will be shut down and an indefinite protest will be held.


Narayanaswamy threatened to pour fire to the entire office but Narayanaswamy’s assistant Kangarajan Chungalarayappa, who was unanimously allowed to make an illegal account, threatened to use the influence of the KR Puram BBMP office.

Action against guilty:

Bangalore Development Minister KJ George has responded to the petrol issue in the BBMP office in KR Puram, but it was wrong. There is no question of protecting such people. The police have promised to take action against those who are guilty.

Note to arrest:

Khadak has indicated that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has been tired of the conduct of children of Congress leaders and MLAs, has arrested any wrongdoer without any knowledge. Siddaramaiah, who expressed dissatisfaction with the watercolor member Narayanaswamy’s behavior, arrested the person who had made a mistake on the police and took action. It is clear that there is no objection to it.


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