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Charaka love of Canada A beautiful picture of Sabarimati!


It’s a pleasure to see foreigners dressed in Indian traditional dress. Our culture has some weight gain. It was a great day for me to be with her, but she did not know what she was doing.Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is in a week’s visit to India. Since his family came to India, he appreciated Indian culture, dressed here and followed the rituals. Yesterday, at the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, Mahatma recalled Gandhi and applauded the President by shaking the charkha. The Shwetams who blessed Prime Minister Narendra Modi with this magnificent sight of Sabarimati, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Nana, the beauty of the Taj Mahal, and the beautiful pictures of the snow in Kashmir are here for you. Charaka love A great scene in Sabarimati
Wife of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeo, and three children, by the mantle of Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram. Little kids are happy to see this yarn as a fun game. It is like the Indian family dress, the clothes and the whole family. Narendra Modi Ayushman Bhava …
Schweitambar assured Prime Minister Narendra Muni, who arrived at Sravanabelagola in the Hassan district for the 88th Mahasankarakshishi of the historic Bahubali. The celebration of Mahmajajana will be held on February 17th. Taj Mahal
Before the love story! Taj Mahal of Agra is one of the seven wonders of the world. This is where the various national competitors participated in the Miss Multinational 2017-2018 competition posing in front of the love story. Jai Shivaji
Jai Chhatrapati Shivaji Chattrapati Shivaji Jayanti, another great name for courage, was celebrated throughout the country yesterday. In this case a Marathi community took a flag on the road and greeted the great hero. Shivaji Jayanti
Shivaji Jayanti Celebration In Wadahalli, a woman with Shivaji Jayanti, like a Marathi tradition, with her little daughter.Kashmir
They have fun, they live!The rainfall in Jammu and Kashmir has begun several days. This is the case with more visitors. They make a banyan for those who struggle to climb up the heated mountain, and then squeeze them and pull them out. It’s fun to sit around the fog around the room. But only those who are pulled are sick. The life of Kasey when he’s pulled off!Germany
Pure air is our right A scene of protest at the street in Stuttgart, Germany, to raise awareness about the effects of pollution from vehicles and the effect on health.New Delhi
It’s a lucky day today! This pampered squirrel is known as ‘It’s Nun, Today’s Lunch’, breaking the Putta Tank of a plant. This is a scene from New Delhi.


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