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Intermarriage 3 lakhs for SCs, 5 lakh for girls


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday announced the marriage of Scheduled Caste Youths in this budget. Please, stop. The Scheduled Castes will be the only Indian wedding but only the plan will be implemented and the government will be encouraged.The Scheduled Caste youth who are married to a different species of girls will be paid Rs 3 lakhs. The amount was Rs 2 lakh previously. It has been increased by one lakh. The Scheduled Castes, the youngest of the other caste, will be given a marriage but Rs 5 lakh.Prior to this, the amount was Rs 3 lakh. It has been raised to Rs 5 lakhs. The wedding of Devdasia girls will be Rs 5 lakh. Siddaramaiah has announced that Rs 3 lakh will be given to the marriage of Devdasi’s sons.


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