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CPI (M) and tribal separatists conflict in Tripura!


As the board of directors of the Takarvana board appears, the military force will be armed behind the sand. There is a military administration here that has come to the border of some country. Takaraj has been provided military security even after the withdrawal of the AFSPA Armed Forces by the Tripura government.

The next day we landed at Tripura, news was reported that the CPIM office was riot in Amarendra in Takarajah. We went straight to the internet. Takarjala is a tribal area where agriculture and forest are believed to be. There are 41,000 voters here. Of them 95% are tribal communities. Almost 5 percent are Muslim and Bengali.

Tripura is dominated by terrorist organizations, the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) and the All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), operating in Bangladesh, demanding that it be separated from India.

For this reason, the IPFT (Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura), which is fighting for a separate Triparteland state, is also strongly positioned. In addition, INPT (Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura), TSP (Tripleland State Party) also exists. There is no CPI (M) role or a lie to get separatists in such a tribal area.

Most tribal communities in Tripura are found in Takaraja.

There are also Deberma, Jomatia, Malsam, Kaipung, Morankal, Roopani, Riang, Garo, Munda, Kolai and Rwatia tribal communities. There are allegations that these tribal villages neglected CPI (M) in the years that had been made by Cadre based politics between all these tribal communities. When you see more tribal songs it will be dashed. There are almost no tribal colonies with no toilet, no road, no water connection.

This is the reason why the government is neglecting us. “For the past thirty years, the government has done nothing for us, and the CPI (M) has to fight against the CPI (M),” said Primis Deberma.

Narendra Chandra Debberma is contesting in the Takarjala Assembly constituency. So it is the question of pride and existence for Tripura separatists. CPI (M) ‘s constituency, Niranana Deberma, who has been continuously winning here, has not given CPI (M) tickets this time. Niranjan Debberma’s poor performance, not organizing the tribal community, and Niranjan Debberma’s lack of emphasis on the development of tribals is a reason for denying tickets.

This time Raminder Deberma is contesting from CPIM. The game is being played by Samsung Debharma, Omia Kumar Debharma from INP and Chittaranjan Debharma from TSP. The ruling CPI (M) will benefit from separatist INPT and TSP tribal parties. If not, then IPF TP president Narendra Chandra Debabrma will easily win the Takaraja.

Takarjala is the precious stone in Tipura. Takaraja offers the political imagery of the entire Tripura. This can only be seen in the field of change of politics of today’s Tripura, the cry of the separatists in Tripura, the response to the government, the AFSPA Act, the function of the Atanamas district council and all.

We went to the Nakchandrabara Takkaattu village in Takarajala constituency.

The CPIM rally was organized on February 11th. IPF activists attacked CPI (M) office with stones and sticks to rush out of the Booth office. Four CPI (M) activists were injured. Two police officers and two IPFT activists were injured.

The CPI (M) has spoken to Arabindo Deberma, who was the chief of IPFT’s attack on the office. “How long do you see me?

It’s not going to be silent yet. ”

“The CPI (M) candidate came straight to our IPFT office and stopped the car and the CPI (M) activists went straight to the office, and we could not get out of the office.

More people came and dumped the IPFT office. We have attacked the CPIM office just after our office was a duel, “says Shomanto Debbarma.

Separatist IPFT attacked us without any provocation. This time, the CPI (M) has been tapping money from the BJP, “said local CPI (M) Dhirendra Debarma.

The IPFT is contesting the 9th TSP assembly constituencies with the BJP’s alliance.

In the last assembly elections, the INPT contested the Congress alliance. This time, the BJP has entered the forests of Tripura through the IPFT party. The tribal children of Tripura are playing a masked mask in the hilly tribal colony. Questions come about whether this is the indication of the future Tripura.

(Authors BTV’s political reporters)


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