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8 helipad construction to start Air Ambulance service in Bengaluru


This budget is expected to be presented on February 23rd. The BBMP is planning to launch new projects to protect the people’s health this time and Air Ambulance Services will be launched at various points in Bangalore. For this purpose eight helipads are being constructed. For those who have a road accident and need emergency treatment, this helicopter can be transported to the hospital very soon. This can prevent patients from being diagnosed with proper treatment.

Now there are about 50 helipads in the city, most of them helipads owned by private ownership. BBMP is planning to build its own helipad, which will play a major role in Bandera’s own helipad in India. Currently, some private firms operate helicopter services from the Bangalore City International Station to Bangalore International Airport and pay Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500 for fifteen minutes. Pricing is being set.

BBMP has already identified eight areas in the city and helipad is being constructed here. “We have the ownership of the helipads we build ourselves and we will pay a small fee for the common people, where private managers are invited to provide air ambulance services,” said BBMP Mayor Sampath Raj.

“We are reviewing the viability of air ambulance service as a non-cash service, and those who have been accommodated by this facility will be able to help patients survive,” he said.

JD (S) councilor Mahadev, who is the Standing Committee on Finance and Taxes, will present the BBMP budget.

Speaking on the occasion, BBMP’s opposition leader Padmanabha Reddy said that the BBMP has given money to the helipad as worthless. Ide. The BBMP should consider before building a good road, “he said.


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