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The commission that gave shock to the House Representatives


A proposed action by the Central Election Commission will be a major blow to the dumped Representatives. The MLA, who has been convicted of having been sentenced to five years, is likely to be barred from contesting the MPs.

Earlier, the Supreme Court ordered that any legislator or MP be sentenced to two years imprisonment may be terminated. This is to try to bring a massive change to the Representation Act of 1951.

However, the Commission has now lodged a 2-year jail term in a new proposal submitted to the Central Government but instead of having 5 or more years in major criminal cases, the MLAs will lose their mandate to contest elections. In addition, it will be considered if the case is filed against him six months before the election.

Justice Deepak Mishra’s judgment will take up the case. The Election Commission will have the power to cancel the party’s accreditation of lawyers Ashwin Kumar Upadhyay as the affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court.


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