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Strong Guru of the British Rail Bridges!


The railway overlays that have been built in British times are even more secure than the railway overheads built in independent India, a Parliamentary Committee has reported. The report alleged that the in-house deal between officials and contractors was responsible for poor quality of mail overlays.

The Public Accounts Committee has issued a report on the management of the Indian Railways overflows in Parliament on Friday, raising concerns over the potential of the traveling public. So, in future, the e-tenders should be called for renovation of railway bridges. This allows trusted and competitive companies to participate in tender. The committee, headed by Congress MP, Mallikarjun Kharge, also recommends that quality of railway bridges will be helped.

Additionally, it has been suggested that they can debit them, as long as they can not participate in the next tender, as long as they promise they will not be able to participate in the next tender.


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