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Bullet Politics instead of Ballet Congress Jawadaker’s barrage


Union Minister Prakash Javadekar today criticized Congress for making bullet politics instead of Ballet Politics. Speaking to reporters in the city, he said the state government is making political murders. Our party legislator CT Ravi mentioned the murders in the state in the assembly. Asked who would kill him next. At this time the minister is threatening to say that the next one is CT CT. Is this a government? That was spoiled.
BJP workers in this state have no protection. Our party workers are being murdered. The Congress party has been criticizing this for making bullet politics.

Tea sellers become Prime Minister, becoming a President of the poor and dalit family, becoming the Vice President of a farmer’s family, only from the BJP. He said that it was not possible with the Mahatma party. The Congress remains the only party in Karnataka in the whole country. The BJP is likely to take power with the full majority in this election and the Congress will be set up in Karnataka.

SubSouth, SubCVWCS is our processor. He said family politics was a process of Congress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a 10-point government for state governments. But the state is not 10 per cent, but 30 per cent. The people who are aware of this are indifferent to the Congress’s prejudice. The state government’s plans for the state government are claiming plans. The Annapaksha Project is not a Congress party. The state Congress government has claimed that everything was done by him. Prime Minister Modi’s rally in Bangalore will be historic. New promises in Karnataka.


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