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Live cricket score, India vs Australia, ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup final 2018: Rain halts IND’s march to title


India’s bowlers put up a splendid show as they bowled Australia out for 216 in 47.2 overs in the final of the ICC under-19 cricket World Cup in Mount Maunganui. Jonathan Merlo was the star with 76 but he received very little support from the rest of the batting order. Ishan Porel, Anukul Roy, Kamlesh Nagarkoti and Shiva Singh picked up two wickets apiece. Prithvi Shaw’s side will now need 217 to win the title for a record fourth time. Get live cricket score of ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup final between India and Australia here. ( LIVE SCORECARD ) ( LIVE STREAMING OF INDIA vs AUSTRALIA )

10:43 AM IST : The pitch has been covered and some parts of the outfield as well. It is not heavy rain but it is steady rain

10:40 AM IST: The rain has started to get a bit heavy now and the players are walking off. One hopes it is just a passing shower.

10:37 AM IST: Evans’ over has gone pair-shaped. He bowls a no-ball and in the free-hit, Manjot Kalra deposits him over the ropes at long on for a big six. India need less than 200 to win now.

10:34 AM IST: Loud appeal for a catch but not given. Evans gets the ball to curve away from a fuller length outside off, Shaw is lured into the drive and it just beats the outside edge. Australia are disappointed.

10:32 AM IST: First boundary of the Indian innings. Too full and on the pads from Hadley, Shaw whips it past the gap at mid wicket.

10:29 AM IST: Steady stuff from Zak Evans. Over 80 mph and generating good swing in the air and off the deck, but India’s openers are batting well. There is a slight hint of rain in the air as well.

10:25 AM IST: Some swing on offer for Hadley but Shaw and Kalra play out the over without much difficulty. Zak Evans from the other end.

10:20 AM IST: Right, we are all set to start this historic chase. Prithvi Shaw and Manjot Kalra are opening the batting and Ryan Hadley is opening the bowling.

10:08 AM IST: 217 might look to be a small total, but these totals are challenging. In Under-19 World Cups, these totals are also match-winning. In 2010, Australia were restricted to 207/9 by Pakistan at Nelson but the Aussies held their nerve and secured a 25-run win.

9:56 AM IST: India have bowled Australia out for 216. Prithvi Shaw’s side will require just 217 runs to win the title for a record fourth time.

9:49 AM IST: WICKET! Absolute harakiri in the running. Good work from Shiva Singh. Holt miscues the pull shot and it falls in front of Shiva Singh at backward square leg, the fielder recovers well and fires a good throw to the keeper and Holt is caught short of the crease despite the dive. Baxter Holt run out 13 (13).

9:44 AM IST: Another one bites the dust. Nagarkoti bowls a full length pacy delivery on off stump and Zak Evans is late in getting the bat down, the ball clips the off stump.

9:39 AM IST: WICKET! Anukul Roy now becomes the joint-highest wicket-taker in the 2018 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Merlo top-edges the reverse sweep and is caught at sweeper cover. Good knock from the Australian but he needed to be there till the end. Jonathan Merlo c Shiva Singh b Anukul Roy 76 (102).

9:35 AM IST: Absolute madness in the running between the wickets. Holt nudged the delivery to short mid wicket and went for a suicidal single, however, Shivam Mavi misses with a simple run-out. India’s fielding has been below average today.

9:33 AM IST: Shiva Singh has finished his spell: 10-0-36-2. Good spell from him. Now, it is upto the pacers to restrict Australia in the death overs.

9:28 AM IST: Australia have reached 200 in the 43rd over. Merlo has reached 70. Can Australia go past 250?

9:24 AM IST: Run-out chance missed! Baxter Holt taps it to point and Merlo wants a single, there is hesitation and Anukul Roy fires the throw from point at the striker’s end but misses, Merlo was a goner.

9:21 AM IST: WICKET! Shiva Singh gets his second wicket. He pushes this quicker delivery through and Sutherland aims for the drive, gets an inside edge that is sharply taken by Harvik Desai the keeper. Will Sutherland c Desai b Shiva Singh 5 (8).

9:19 AM IST: India’s poor day in the field continues. Will Sutherland steers a square drive to deep backward point and Riyan Parag misfields.

9:13 AM IST: Will Sutherland, the son of Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland is next. Can he make a difference with just 10 overs to go?

9:11 AM IST: WICKET! Yet another caught and bowled. India desperately needed this wicket before the death overs. Tossed up delivery from Shiva Singh and Nathan McSweeney closes the bat face a bit too early, gets a leading edge back to the bowler. Nathan McSweeney c and b Shiva Singh 23 (29).

9:09 AM IST: In the air but safe! Merlo top-edges a short ball from Mavi and it goes behind the keeper, harvik Desai runs back and tries to catch the swirling catch but cannot latch on to it. Tough chance and India are distraught.

9:06 AM IST: Good over from Shivam Singh. But India are unable to break the stand.

8:57 AM IST: Another partnership is building up for Australia with McSweeney giving Merlo good company.

8:49 AM IST: Shaw misfields as Nathan McSweeney continues to make confident progress. Merlo has settled in and is looking set for a long haul.

8:43 AM IST: Kamlesh Nagarkoti and Ishan Porel are operating from both ends. India are desperately trying to get the wicket of Merlo.

8:38 AM IST: Jonathan Merlo scores a fifty off 60 balls. On the big day, he has stepped up to the plate. Australia need him to hang on till the end if they are to reach a good score.

8:34 AM IST: Nathan McSweeney has started confidently as he opens the bat face to steer a quicker delivery past the gap at third man for a boundary.

8:30 AM IST: Merlo comes closer to his fifty as he slogs across the line and thwacks Abhishek Sharma to the deep mid wicket fence. Australia are 142/4 after 30 overs.

8:29 AM IST: WICKET! The dangerous stand is broken. Flighted ball on leg stump, Param Uppal closes the bat face a bit too early and gets a leading edge back to the bowler who takes it. Param Uppal c and b Anukul Roy 34 (58).

8:23 AM IST: Both batsmen are making steady progress and are regularly rotating the strike. What is heartening for Australia is that they are employing the sweep well, which is negating Anukul Roy and Abhishek Sharma’s effectiveness. They are using their feet well and coming down to the pitch.

8:17 AM IST: Abhishek Sharma and Anukul Roy are struggling slightly with their line and length. Australia are making good progress.

8:10 AM IST: The fifty-run stand is up between Merlo and Uppal. India need to break this stand if they have to restrict Australia.

8:05 AM IST: Australia bring up the 100 in style as Merlo unfurls the reverse sweep and hits it to the third man boundary. Australia need this partnership to flourish.

8:03 AM IST: Anukul Roy, the leading wicket-taker for India in the ICC under-19 World Cup, comes into the attack and bowls a good spell.

8:00 AM IST: Param Uppal survives a chance as he skies a delivery that spins away over the head of the fielder at point. This pitch is assisting a bit of spin. Will be interesting to see how Lloyd Pope operates.

7:57 AM IST: Abhishek Sharma, the left-arm orthodox is introduced into the attack now. Perhaps, it is time for Prithvi Shaw to introduce spin from both ends to tie Australia down.

7:51 AM IST: Shiva Singh is bowling tight lines and not giving the batsman any width. Nagarkoti has increased his pace as India gun for another wicket.

7:43 AM IST: FOUR! Superb shot from Param Uppal. Short ball from Nagarkoti and Uppal crunches the drive to the deep extra cover. Time for drinks.

7:39 AM IST: 15 overs are up and Australia 72/3. India are on top thanks to Porel’s double strike and Nagarkoti’s removal of Sangha.

7:34 AM IST: Loose ball from Nagarkoti. Short and wide delivery, Jonathan Merlo just crashes the square cut past cover for a boundary. That will ease the pressure a bit.

7:31 AM IST: Another tight over from Shiva Singh. With two new batsmen at the crease and with Nagarkoti getting into the groove, India sense a big opening here.

7:26 AM IST: WICKET! Nagarkoti strikes in his first over and he is pumped up. Back of a length outside off and it straightens, bit of extra bounce as well, Sangha tries to withdraw the bat but the outside edge is snapped up by keeper Harvik Desai diving to his right. India on top in Mount Maunganui. Jason Sangha c Desai b Nagarkoti 13 (24).

7:24 AM IST: Almost a run-out. Sangha is living dangerously here. Nagarkoti gets this ball to deck back in close to the off stump, the Australian captain taps it to the off side and sets off for a quick single, Shivam Mavi has a shy at the bowler’s end but misses, that would have been out if it had hit.

7:22 AM IST: Shiva Singh comes into the attack and immediately creates a chance. Flatter ball and Jonathan Merlo goes back to cut, the ball kicks up a touch and the outside edge is spilled by wicketkeeper Harvik Desai. He is having a tough day so far.

7:18 AM IST: WICKET! Porel has removed both the openers now and he is pumped. Short and wide ball outside off, a bit of extra bounce from the deck, Jack Edwards slams it to cover point but Kamlesh Nagarkoti takes the catch. Jack Edwards c Nagarkoti b Porel 28 (29).

7:15 AM IST: Poor stuff from Abhishek Sharma. Edwards hits it to cover point and Sharma fires a wild throw at the bowler’s end and the back-up fielder misfields. It is hauled back in but three extra runs is the result. No need!

7:14 AM IST: A maiden for Shivam Mavi as Jason Sangha continues to struggle. India are pulling things back slightly after the wicket of Max Bryant.

7:09 AM IST: Sangha gets going by driving a full ball from Porel to sweeper cover but it is hauled in by the fielder running from point. Edwards, on the other hand, is middling the ball well but is finding the fielders

7:04 AM IST: While Jack Edwards is looking in great touch, Sangha is struggling and he finally gets off the mark after eight balls. Australia are 43/1 after seven overs.

7:01 AM IST: Mavi continues to leak runs. The first ball of his fourth over is punched down the ground past mid on while the second ball is pulled to deep mid wicket, one bounce over the ropes.

6:59 AM IST: Run-out chance missed. Sangha wanted a single but he has to turn back. Porel moved quickly to his right but does not collect the ball cleanly.

6:55 AM IST: WICKET! Ishan Porel roars and India have gotten the first breakthrough. Shortish delivery and wide outside off, Max Bryant cracks it to cover-point but Abhishek Sharma moves to his right to take the catch. Max Bryant c Sharma b Porel 14 (12).

6:53 AM IST: Third boundary in the over. Mavi provides width outside off and Edwards carves it past point, Manjot Kalra runs from third man but he ends up diving over the ball for yet another boundary. This is turning out to be a good start from Australia.

6:51 AM IST: Now, Edwards joins in the fun. India are losing their line and length a bit here. Short ball from Mavi and the right-hander clubs it past mid on for his first boundary. Next ball, he steers a shortish delivery to the third man fence.

6:49 AM IST: Bad ball from Porel. On the pads and Bryant whips it uppishly to the deep mid wicket fence for yet another boundary. Australia have moved to 20/0 after four overs. This is a decent start.

6:45 AM IST: India are looking slightly sloppy on the field. Full ball from Porel and Jack Edwards drives it to extra cover only for Abhishek Sharma to misfield and allow the batsman a couple.

6:44 AM IST: Max Bryant has started well as he cracks a short ball from Shivam Mavi to the deep point fence for his second boundary.

6:38 AM IST: Max Bryant starts well with a boundary down the ground past mid-off. However in the second ball, he gets a life as he bottom-edges a short ball from Ishan Porel, only for the keeper to drop a tough chance.

6:34 AM IST: Good first over from Mavi. In the right areas and some movement both in the air and off the deck as well. Speed in the high 130 kmph. Barring the first ball wide, good stuff.

6:29 AM IST: Alright, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and children of all ages. We are all set to start. Shivam Mavi will open the bowling and the Australian openers Jack Edwards and Max Bryant are on strike.

6:23 AM IST: It is time for the national anthems. Bay Oval has turned totally blue with plenty of Indians at the venue cheering the team on. For Australia, the struggles mount off the field as well for there will only be a small smattering of support.

6:16 AM IST: India’s road to the final has been dominant, registering wins by more than 100 runs or chasing down the score with all 10 wickets remaining. However, that might not be the case today in Mount Maunganui. At the same time, Australia have recovered well after their big loss to India.

6:09 AM IST: Both teams are unchanged. Here is the playing XI of both sides

India U19 (Playing XI): Prithvi Shaw(c), Manjot Kalra, Shubman Gill, Harvik Desai(w), Riyan Parag, Abhishek Sharma, Anukul Roy, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh, Ishan Porel

Australia U19 (Playing XI): Jack Edwards, Max Bryant, Jason Sangha(c), Jonathan Merlo, Param Uppal, Nathan McSweeney, Will Sutherland, Baxter J Holt(w), Zak Evans, Ryan Hadley, Lloyd Pope

6:04 AM IST: Australia have chosen to bat against India in the all-important final. Good toss to win. On the day of the big final, bat first and put pressure on the opposition. Although in the Under-19 World Cup final, teams have won while chasing on most occasions since 2010.

5:58 AM IST: Jason Sangha, the Australian skipper, has said India’s middle order has not been tested enough. Such has been the dominance of the top three that the middle order has not had a chance. Toss in a couple of minutes.

5:51 AM IST: It was raining a couple of days ago at the Bay Oval, but today, there is no such threat. The match will have no interruptions. In case of rain washing out the match today, it will be played on the reserve day which is tomorrow.

5:48 AM IST: Rahul Dravid has coached and moulded the bunch of players brilliantly. In 2016, India had a great run in the Under-19 World Cup before they ran into an inspired West Indies side who clinched the title.

5:42 AM IST: For Australia, there have not been too many consistent contributions from either the batsmen or bowlers. There have been moments of individual brilliance, the best one being Lloyd Pope who picked up 8/35, the best bowling figures in Under-19 cricket during the quarterfinal against England.

5:37 AM IST: India’s batting has been led from the front by Prithvi Shaw and Shubhman Gill. Gill, in particular, is averaging 170.5 with three fifties and a century to boot in all four games that he has batted. In head-to-head clashes between India and Australia in the Under-19 World Cup, India hold a 3-2 edge.

5:32 AM IST: In the last encounter between the two sides at the Bay Oval, India hammered Australia by 100 runs to send out a clear message of intent. On that day, the world witnessed a new facet of India, which was pace bowlers who could touch 150 kmph, namely in the form of Kamlesh Nagarkoti

5:30 AM IST: A warm welcome to one and all for the big final. It is India vs Australia, the final of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup from Mount Maunganui. Both teams are bidding for their fourth title, with India having a slight edge having not lost a single game in the whole tournament.

The performances of the India U-19 cricket team in the 2018 U-19 World Cup have been phenomenal. The batsmen and the bowlers have complimented each other well. The batting has been led by Shubman Gill, who has hit three fifties and a century and is averaging 170.5 so far in the tournament. He has been backed up well by Shaw and Manjot Kalra in addition to vital contributions from Anukul Roy and Abhishek Sharma.

In the bowling, Kamlesh Nagarkoti’s speed and the accuracy of Ishan Porel and Shivam Mavi have given India the X-factor. Anukul Roy, the leading wicket-taker with 12 wickets, will yet again be the key. However, despite winning against Australia by 100 runs, they will not take Jason Sangha’s side lightly.

Australia’s charge has been led by the captain and by players like Nathan McSweeney and Lloyd Pope. Pope, in particular, has taken the tournament by storm with a haul of 8/35, the best figures ever in an Under-19 match. Overall, it promises to be a cracking contest, with India having a slight edge.


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