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Orange Passport: Court Notice to Center


The Kerala High Court has issued a notice to the Central Government on the issue of public interest petition challenging the decision of the Central Government to issue a passport containing passport for passporters who need immigration inspection.

The petitioner and lawyer Shamsuddin Karunapalli has claimed that the Center’s action will lead to less educated and economically deprived people.

The Ministry of External Affairs has announced that the ECR (Immigration Check Required) passports will have blue color for orange and non-ECR passports. ECR passports have less than 10th grade and have a lower income than the taxable level. The applicant usually describes those who are immigrants for employment.

This unique color signal makes it uniquely identifiable to the weaker sections of society. Their argument is that it is a clear violation of the fundamental rights of their privacy and dignity.

There is no logical point behind this color separation. This is a clear violation of the principle of meaningless voting and equality.


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