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Petrol Diesel Cigarette Doubt From Today Evening!


Diesel and petrol suppliers have started strike on allegations that oil companies failed to provide infrastructure. This will be the difference between petrol, diesel and cooking fuel from today. If the strike is not withdrawn, it is likely that diesel and petrol will be available in bunkers. Diesel and petrol supply lorries have begun striking from Devanagundi in Hoskote Taluk in Bangalore Rural district today. Since morning, suppliers have stopped lorry on the road and started strike since the owners of the company did not wake up despite the pleading of the past three years to repair the damaged road.

Why Strike:

Devgundi is one of the major destinations in the state offering diesel, petrol and cooking fuel. From here, fuel is supplied to over 3,000 trucks daily to Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh, including Bangalore. There is also HPCL, BPCL, IOC and a gas unit. The road is damaged due to heavy lorries traveling on roads connecting Devanagundi, which is a demand for many years of suppliers.

Earlier, the Fuel Company Company Owners, Bunk Owners and Bangalore Rural Deputy Commissioner held a meeting. Accordingly, the Devanagundi Road was upgraded as a national highway and decided to make a cement road.
The Deputy Commissioner had instructed the company owners to take appropriate steps to prevent the frequent damage caused by the road upgrading the road in the CRR fund. Besides, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also seriously considered the disaster here and advised him to provide all kinds of infrastructure including road upgrades.

But the owner of the company was the only hope that was not implemented. Many times strike was no advantage. The driver’s call is to make the traffic here because the road is torn off and invited to death. The petrol, diesel and cooking gas supply is likely to be hiked by today, as the strikes have begun striking the company’s negligence.

On the other hand, the government is trying to negotiate with the striking lorry driver. Striking drivers have pointed out that the strike will not drop until our demands are over. Vehicle riders are as good as filling their tanks as soon as possible. Otherwise the Nataraja service guarantee by tomorrow.


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