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Im the flavourite milk for school children


The government has decided to give milk to the students of government and aided schools in all districts of the state under the Keezhara Bhagya scheme. CM Siddaramaiah will announce this announcement on this time’s budget and will take effect on March 1.Recommended By Colombia
Experimental scented milk is being provided since 1st November to children of Mysore and Raichur district. It is the government’s intention to expand the state and win the student community. The show is being prepared to reflect the program as one of the key points of the 2018-19 advance.

5 day milk is supplied weekly to students from 1st to 10th standard under the aegis of Government and Aided schools. Children involved in the government’s program were asked to give chocolate, cardamom and other flavors of milk. This was also expressed in the presence of CM Siddaramaiah.

In this context, the chief minister’s home district Mysore and Education Minister Tanveer Seth will get ‘scented milk bagya’ for the children of Raichur district. The children of these districts have 3 days of chocolate and 2 days of cardamom flavor milk. Students who are just refusing to drink milk love and eat sweetened milk. The same demand is coming from other districts. The senior officials of the KMF say that teachers have requested the same.

The government had instructed the KMF to take action in this regard based on opinion polls. At this stage, selecting some schools in Bangalore was given milk of chocolate, cardamom, rose and almond flavor. The kids were so excited. However, when implementing the program practically, Mysore and Raichur districts were selected.

The government was considering step-by-step extension as the milk needed time to adopt a flavor mixing technology. But this is the last budget for the current government. So if this decision is announced right now, it is a positive message. There is also a trend that has been calculated to make a great deal of students happy.

Benefits of 1.5 crore children

Over 1.5 crore students are being provided milk, including the government, aided school and anganwadi children under Milky Way. Rs 410 crore per month for this purpose. Costs are spent. An additional Rs 10 crore has been provided by providing scented milk in all district schools. Estimated to be spent.

More chocolate, pink flavor is more demanding

Children are particularly dying to supply chocolate flavors milk. Most children are saddened by pink flavor. So, when expanding the program across the state, there is also the idea of ​​giving chocolate and cardamom along with cardamom, which gives pink flavored milk.

Students are happy to have a flavored milk. It was successful in Mysore and Raichur.


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