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Rahul State tour from Hyderabad-Karnataka region


AICC president Rahul Gandhi has scheduled a tour of Karnataka. He will campaign for the party’s election campaign in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

Rahul Gandhi will tour Karnataka on February 10, 11 and 12. He will start the tour from Hyderabad-Karnataka, where the party is fortunate.

In the last election, the Congress won 24 of the 39 assembly constituencies in Hyderabad-Karnataka. So, the party will launch the campaign this time from the Hyderabad-Karnataka part.

Karnataka Congress supervisor KC Venugopal spoke about the party’s election preparation. “We have already prepared preparations for the election date announcement. We organized the party from the booth level. Rahul Gandhi will tour the state for three days, “he said.

“Rahul Gandhi traveled through the road because he would be able to talk to the people. In the Hyderabad-Karnataka constituency, the party has been able to win more seats this time, “Venugopal said.

The Hyderabad-Karnataka section was assigned special status in the 371th column when the UPA government was in power. So it is estimated that this time the party will be able to support the party.

Because of special status, people in this area have more opportunities in employment, education and so on. So this time the Congress party has confidence in winning 30 seats.


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