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‘Siddaramaiah is awake till May 1’


Mysore, J.15-Siddaramaiah is your sleep that destroys our state’s interests. MP Pratap Simha has tweeted that he would be awaiting at least 1 May. He has tweeted to Goa Chief Minister and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah about the irrational statement of Goa irrigation minister when he visited the state, saying that he has congratulated the Congress government, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and irrigation ministers, and hid your guilt despite the condemnation of a minister of Goa.

CM Sir, your sleep, slip n lapse are damaging the interest of our state. Wake up n be able to wait until the office in May 1st week.


Why not leave the Goa minister to the sensitive place of Karnataka? With Cauvery problem, our irrigation minister with Chief Engineer went to Tamil Nadu and Bartar. Similarly, the Government of Goa has come to the conclusion that the government has allowed you to take a photo.


Or ever Karnataka Water Resources Minister ever DARE to visit n inspect Mettur Dam with his Chief Engineer ?! What a timid govt that allows Goan minister to visit our sensitive site n take pictures n damage our case!

Prior to this, we are proud of your government’s generosity as a valid pioneer gee. Apart from the dirty politics of the Congress, you have the honor of giving drinking water. But words should not be spoken of as free. Be careful when using those words. Ask your minister Vinod Palayakar to use the word correctly, otherwise he will have to teach us if we can move to Karnataka once again.


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