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SC-ST Employees Promotion Reservation: Certificate to Supreme Court for 3 Months


Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister TB Jayachandra has said that the government will submit a three-month extension to the Supreme Court tomorrow for the SC-ST employees’ promotion of the state government. Speaking to reporters, he said that the bill for the SC-ST Employees’ Residential Reservation went to the Union Home Department and was at the final stage of approval by all departments of the Center.

He said that after the Center’s approval, the government will be recommended for the next two days. Tamil Nadu can not leave Kaveri river water. Water stored in the reservoirs is sufficient to drink only. Water is low at farmers’ crops. Tamil Nadu needs to understand this. We have left water for Tamil Nadu when there is water. He said that the letter written by the Tamil Nadu government to the water was not possible without the allegation that the BJP was in power at the center.

The disputed place is wrong:

Responding to the controversial statement of the Goa Water Resources Minister, he had to hold on to the words of any minister. The first mistake is to come to the disputed location. His words mean that he is hateful of Karnataka. There is a good relationship between Karnataka and Goa. But it was wrong to dismiss the Kannadigas and the Goa minister’s statement was strongly condemned. He said that the cabinet will be set up on the issue of all-party meetings for the Mahadai river water dispute dispute.

Son’s contest is up to high command:

People want their son Santosh Jayachandra to compete. He also said that the High Command would take a decision on contesting the field.


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