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Actress Amulaya now what she is doing after marriage


Bangalore (Jan. 13): What is precious to do after getting married? This curiosity has got the answer. After the marriage, she got the invaluable speech that was not rechable.

Recently he made a Status on Social Media. That message is to give you a january 12th January. It was interesting to see if it was worth watching again. So it was a surprise if we could climb the back of this news.

He said so much:

* Cinema is sure, but not at all.

* I do not want to sit at home alone. It was always in the head. So I immediately embarked on the empowerment of women.

* Working women need to be creative and want to edit as much as possible. But they are sitting helplessly because there is no proper training, help, and market access. If they identify and train properly, they get jobs and have a genuine social work. So I want to empower women.

* With Vanitha Vikas, I am going to do a good job. It is my idea that I should train 10,000 people. The precious social service is valuable now with an organization called Vanita Vikas. By that time, she decided to become active in various activities for women empowerment. Programs such as tailoring and book binding training have already been launched.

This function has got full support of her husband Jagadish Chandra and his uncle Ramachandra. If there is a political purpose, then it is not. For political reasons or propaganda, it is not doing this. There is no thought to be present in the movie. So fans just wait for another year.

* There are already enough women trained in 8 batches. There are two batch pending.


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