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Here’s a solution for confusion about pregnancy ..!


There are many kinds of words about what to do and what to do when a woman becomes pregnant. Each one’s words are different. In many books and magazines, a lot of ideas are also addressed. But the confusion about what’s true, and what’s not, is common. Here are some of the confusions that can be solved

The stress in pregnancy is not good: recent findings suggest that low stress in pregnancy is good. Helps to strengthen the nervous system.

Women should not eat sweets during pregnancy: Many people argue that women should not eat sweets during pregnancy. But researchers have found that eating chocolate everyday during pregnancy may have more laughter and less scarring. Also, it is said that less than three months later, 5 chocolates are less likely to be eaten.

Pregnant Women Should not Exercise: Exercising Women During Pregnancy The baby is more exercise and the health of the heart is also well maintained. The child is said to have more intelligence after growing up.

Pregnant women should be away from seafood: pregnant women have omega-3 fatty acids in sea food. This makes children more intelligent. Do not eat is a pseudo-belief.

Because the baby is inside, something outside of the child is no problem: but this is a false belief. Need to keep track of food during pregnancy. Plastic use can be fatal to baby health. Using plastic containers ‘microwave’ is not good at this point

All women in pregnancy are also happy: it is a lie that all women are happy in pregnancy. In this case, women often change the mind’s thinking patterns. About 20% of women experience depression at this time.

Natural disaster, special help during disaster: But this is a false belief. The stress that occurs in this case causes a deadly effect on pregnancy.

If the chest inflammates the baby, the baby will have more hair: the chest inflammation is a common problem for pregnant women.

Childbirth is not inherited: childbirth is not inherited, it depends on the weight of the pregnancy and the position of a pregnant woman.

If the child sleeps, the child is in trouble: if a child is pregnant then we have some faith. But the pregnant woman can sleep as she can.

The first child’s birth late becomes: the first child’s childhood late becomes known. But this is something close to the truth.


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