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No votes used for polls: Election Commission


Bangalore, Jan 10 (PTI) The Central Election Commission has denied the use of ballet paper in the state assembly polls, saying elections will be conducted through EVM machines.

The Congress, the JD (S), the BSP and other parties, besides the BJP, demanded that ballot paper be replaced by EVM machines in the meeting with political parties in evolution. However, officials of the Central Election Commission, who rejected the appeal, have expressed appreciation for the Supreme Court EVM’s efficiency. He said that he could not change it.

EVM should be banned during the state election. Congress leaders in the meeting appealed that the scientists should be allowed to detect errors as they have been accused of using EVM abuse. The leaders of other parties voiced this. Netherlands has detected an EVM error in the United States. In this context, many countries have dropped EVM usage. EVM should resolve the issue if elections are to be made to allow suspicions. Or forced to use ballet paper.

It is natural that the party’s central election officials fail to cast votes in the election. The election was conducted through EVM machines.


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