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The Delhi police have refused to allow the Delhi rally in Mewani


Late on Monday night, 8 January, the DCP of New Delhi said no permission was granted to Vadgam MLA Jignesh Mevani to hold a rally on 9 January at Parliament Street in view of the orders placed by the National Green Tribunal. The tweet further said that the organisers were advised to find an alternate area to hold their rally.

In 2017, the NGT banned all protests and religious taboo in the historic Jantar Mantar area. This is a hotspot of many outrage over the past decades, and such activities violate environmental laws.

The Delhi Police has demanded that the request of Mewani to hold a rally in Delhi is still “under consideration” in advance on Monday.

Akhil Gogoi, leader of the Mevani and Assam farmers, addresses the ‘Social Justice’ rally or ‘Yuva Hankar’ rally.

Mohit Kumar Pandey, chairman of the organizers and former JNU Students Federation, said:

There have been many attempts to stop this incident and some media houses are spreading incorrect information and denied the permission of the rally.
Since publishing the rally on January 2, Pandey told the PTI that “Mevani was spending a lot of money on the posters called the dehradun (traitor) and urban naxal.”

Maya could not reach the comment.

In a statement, the organizers urged prospective participants to “meet at the Parliament Road on Tuesday 12”.

However, a senior police official said, “Mewani’s rally request is still in consideration.”

This rally is attempting to increase demand for the release of Chandrasekhar Azad, the founder of the Dalit Udupi, and emphasizes issues such as educational rights, employment, livelihood and gender justice.
A large number of students from universities and colleges expect Delhi to participate in this rally, as the women’s groups, teachers’ associations and the Mayawati activists across the country expect.

Azad, the main accused in the Thakur-Dalit clash in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, was arrested from Himachal Pradesh in June last year


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