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The price is not affordable in the CM program


Kannur, Jan 6: Police have been admitted to a disadvantaged person who was trying to meet Chief Ministers during a meeting of chief ministers in Kadur yesterday.

As soon as the speech of the chief ministers in Kadur was completed, two undefined Muslim man was trying to climb the platform to meet the chief ministers, but he stopped the PSI disorder by pulling him out of the platform and stopping him. This video is streaming on social networking sites.

Contrary to the expectations of his speech before CM Siddaramaiah, who had spent one hour talking about parallels, the dharna and other things for the victims. When the incident took place, there was no Congressional activist with any police force, no one asked for any disability and did not promise to deliver his demand to the chief ministers.

The video is clearly visible in the video that Congress activists did not do the least courtesy and the policemen who took him to safety.

The politicians’ ideals are just as limited to speeches, as the crowd of police officers say that the mouth of the officers is the case in Kadur yesterday. It is all time hoping to act as politicians say.


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