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Haj house in UP painted saffron


The walls outside the Haus House were painted in saffron on January 5 in Lucknow.Saffron color is primarily associated with Hinduism and is associated with the National Volunteer Association (RSS).Responding to the incident, Uttar Pradesh minister Mohsin Raza said that the dispute did not invoke any controversy and painted saffron for decorating it., “There is no need for controversy in such matters, saffron is energetic and brighter, the building is beautiful and the opposition does not have any major problems against us, so they increase inconsistencies.”However, the opposition has said the BJP has once again accused the state of “saffron”.Earlier, the state government’s deputy chief minister Yogi Adityanath and the Secretariat building with high-level offices in Lucknow depicted saffron. Adityanath also left 50 saffron buses navy last year.


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