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Geo has come with “3” GB data and smart promotions


Geo has now launched 3GB data plans for the next generation of Vodafone ‘s latest offerings .The company has released more profitable offers. But these offers are only available for the new GeoPOpad users.

3 GB 4G data per day .The offer starts at 799 rupee pack .The daily plans are priced at 799 rupees [paid plans per day, receiving 3 gb data per day and up to 30 days validity.

However, 4GB of data per day is available for 3 GB per day for 30 days. Also, postpaid plans are available on these postpaid plans for up to 30 days of 2 GB of postpaid plans worth 509 rupees.

60 GB of data will be available in these plans .But the deposit amount must be paid to take these postpaid plans .JOY OFFICIAL WEBSITE For more information,


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